Yes It Is Cheesy Way To Make A Point


OK.  Some will call this “cheesy”.  I get it.

I was brought up liking “sharp” cheeses.  It is the reason why I prefer Romano rather than parmesan.  It is  the reason why I prefer Vermont Sharp rather than mild cheddar.

But having said that, I do not dislike people who don’t like what I like.  I don’t wish them harm.  I do not demand that they do it my way.  I do not impose my will upon them.  I accept the fact that there are lots of ways to do things and you do what is best for you.

Grandma always said, “Chicken is chicken all over the world.  But some like fried and some like baked.  It is all good.”

So we have this issue in Springfield, which to a large extent is a self imposed hardship.  We have a mural at the museum depicting scenes from Dr Seuss.  Some authors then looked at the mural and decided not to attend a speaking engagement in protest because they said the murals depicted Asians in a disparaging way.

OK.  I saw it.  I don’t see what they see.  And neither does businessman Andy Yee.  This weekend he told reporters that he read Dr Seuss to his kids and they are reading Dr Seuss to their kids.  He doesn’t have a problem with it.  He and Peter Picknelly have offered to buy the mural if the museum is going to take it down.

Rodney King said it best when he asked “ So why can’t we all get along?”

Good question that has no answer coming forth.

What I do know is this.  

The country has issues.  There are life or death issues going on out there which for a brief time this weekend took a backseat to whether a mural was bought or sold or moved or stayed.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”And, yes Dr Seuss said that.

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