How Did We Get Here And When Can We Go Back?

For reasons that I won’t get into here, I found myself over the last few days thinking how great it is to be me and for others like me to be the age that we are.

We were brought up at a time when people were saner to a certain extent. Neighbors looked out for one another.  You could send your kids to the corner store and be confident that they would return with what you wanted and in one piece.

Kids when they absolutely had to be were more honest.  When they broke a window playing whatever, they were more apt to knock on the door and tell the person what happened then run away like a scared animal.

Teachers were not substitutes for parents.  They were extensions of the parent.  You did your homework, you got good grades and home and school life was pretty serene.  Teachers called parents to update on progress.

Something happened between where we are now and where I and a lot of kids like me started many moons ago.  Instead of settling arguments in the school yard with a simple fight, we use guns for no apparent reason.  

Instead of neighbors looking out for neighbors we go out of our way to insure we don’t know the most basic of information about them.

Instead of honesty and making good life decisions, we turn to stealing and theft and drugs.

And, for all the talking that you hear from people in the know….all the people proposing millions of dollars that will allegedly solve is all talk.  It is nothing more than a make us think they care.

It never use to be that way.  Politicians helped people as opposed to just wanting to get reelected. 

Parents raised their kids they way they were raised and hoped their kids would have it better then they did.

I wish we all had those days back….even for a day.

Now its everyone for themselves without a care in the world so long as they win and they don’t care if they play by the rules.

That’s all. 

Except for one thing.  

When does it change and when does it get back to something that we would all relate to.

(Photo by: Godong/UIG via Getty Images)

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