Equal? Not On This Course!

In Massachusetts, more so than in any other state around, you are more likely to have an issue with an athlete.  They either aren’t being allowed to play in a tournament or some other issue.  But now we seemingly make up the rules as we go along.

Emily Nash is a 16 year old from Lunenberg.  And by all accounts she has a fantastic future in golf ahead of her and she is getting no help from the state.

She participated in the state golf tournament this week and won.  Wasn’t close.  Her swing has every golfer on the face of the earth in awe and she is also a good kid and well spoken.

You see the governing body of high school sports in Massachusetts, the MIAA has a rule that says if your school doesn’t have a girls team in that sport you can play for the guy’s team.  And, you can compete as a team member but not as an individual.

So she won the tournament.  Got high five’s for it and then was told that she wasn’t going to get the medal because {basically} she is a girl.

The second place winner Nico Ciolino who goes to a charter school in Marboro was declared the winner and gave the trophy to Emily.  That’s what golfers do you see.

So let’s see here.  Do we have equality or not.  Guys can play on the field hockey team and we count their goals.  Girls play football and make tackles and they count.  They play basketball and in the case of UConn do it better than most people every year.

But apparently in Massachusetts, we have different rules depending on whether it is hot or cold outside.

Instead of trying to make an example out of Emily who will probably play college golf someday and then who knows after that, the MIAA should revamp rules to eliminate gender specific issues such as this.

You aren’t going to see a whole lot about this.  It’s a 16 year old kid who plays golf better than anyone else and everyone knows it except apparently the people making the rules.

Women can’t get in most cases equal pay for equal work.

Why should we expect them to be on a par with men either.


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