Being Nice One Person At A Time

Over the last couple of years I have found myself, quite unexpectedly, jotting down notes to people for whatever reason.  Sometimes its an email.  Sometime its a card.  Sometimes it just a letter.

Sometimes it will be a member of a crew that I have been thinking about….or someone I do a story on in thanks or for no reason at all to someone.  Or sometimes its just to a person who is nice.

Occasionally when I do, someone who sees what I am doing will ask, ‘what’s up with that?”  Oh they say,  "that's a nice thought."

And that’s it.  People have forgotten how to be nice.  

People have forgotten how it feels to have something nice done for them because nobody takes the time to do it for someone else.

The ability to write a note or even sit and be cordial to one another is devoid of any chance to succeed in this day and age.  Is it the “me” rather than “us” mentality?  Probably.

But go through your day and see how many times people say “dude” or “buddy” rather than sir or nothing at all.

Go through your day and see how many people say “thank you.”

Being nice to someone doesn’t make you weak.  It doesn’t make you weird or crazy.  It means someone brought you up to appreciate the world you are in and the people in it.  And if more people tried it we might not have what we have today.

When the mere ability to be civil leaves society what difference does it make what happens in the world.

We all lost.


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