A Kid's Life. What A Life It Is

Everyone should understand that I understand that I don’t understand.

I don’t understand what is going on in this world when kids are in the picture.

It’s not that I hate kids.  If I knew them better I might appreciate them more.

Not all kids.  Just some.  Seemingly they are the ones that take up time in my day and in my newscast.

In Worcester, Police are going from school to school to make sure that kids understand that when they ride their bikes they should not go riding into the middle of the street intentionally at traffic.  Kids think that’s fun.  Drivers think it's scary and cops think it's dangerous.

In Chicopee, where almost anytime police spokesman Mike Wilk says something it makes you think, he explains that there is more and more of a want by middle school kids to walk on the railroad tracks.  Some even lie down in the middle of the tracks just because.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that it is both stupid and deadly and it is also against the law.

In both cases we fail to understand why except to understand that kids that age think they are invincible.  They think they will live forever and consequences aren’t something they think about.

It’s not easy being a kid these days.  Believe it or not it is not that fun and to be a parent isn’t that great a thing either with the knowledge that kids live life differently than they or I did back in the day.

"No kid is unsmart. Every kid's a genius at something. Our job is to find it. And then encourage it."

The self-help writer Robin Sharma said that.

He is right.

The question is how do we find the thing that kids are good at to make life better and safer for all?

DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)


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