Finding Answers To The Senseless

 It seems we start the day too many times trying to put into words what make sense out of the senseless and try to put into generic terms suffering and despair brought about by senseless violence. 

Bishop Mitchel Rozanski, who is the leader of the 300 thousand member strong Roman Catholic Church in Springfield tried to make sense of it all."A Church should be the safest place on earth when we go to worship.  This proves to us that there is no place that is safe from gun violence."

Isn't it funny and that is an amazingly bad choice of words, that we turn to the people in time of need that we spend a lot of time running from or afraid to be a part of?

Look I don't have the answer.  It is unfortunate as the some of the nation's brightest minds try to find ways to end violence -- it is a question that can't be dealt with in a sound byte or a sentence.One wonders if it can ever be answered.

As an aside -- the Massachusetts Senate passed and sent to the House a measure that cracks down on college sexual assault.  

It gives one great pause to even think lawmakers would have to deal with that issue as well.

Who would have ever thought that we would come to an age in this world where we would have to teach presumably smart kids, who took the test and made the grade to get into a college, that "no means no."  That hurting people just for your own benefit is something that is somehow acceptable.  

Not only do you disrespect yourself and the person involved but also your parents who taught you how to be an adult.I don't get it.  

And, there are no words that I can find that can even provide the answer.The Springfield Bishop said this weekend,  

"When we think of going in to a church, or any place of worship, we think of being safe.”The Bishop is correct.  

But we also think this world makes sense.It doesn't.

(picture with thanks CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/AFP/Getty Images)


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