An Easy Solution To Taxation

Will the world please listen to me.If you do nothing else.  

Just listen to me.


I have heard the president and the republicans and the democrats do their song and dance on the issue of taxes.

This hasn't got anything to do with who is right or who is wrong or what party you like or hate or whatever.

All this talk about taxes is -- let's say a story.

Republicans want to reduce corporate America's tax structure.  

And, in doing so they want to give a bite of the apple to the average everyday worker.

A lot of my friends who are small business owners are just about at the point of being scared because some of them are going to see their taxes go up.

And, for the rest of you... please understand that we are dealing with politicians. 

 Politicians are only interested in the short term solution to anything.  

If they looked at long term planning the country would be better off.  

Show of hands.  

Who among you believe that if taxes go down for American workers that they will stay low?

Isn't this the same deal where you raise prices to lower them and by lowering them you all feel better?

If the President and the Congress would like to know what to do with the tax code....I will gladly tell them.

If the President would like to take a trip to Springfield we can sit down with just me and him in the lobby...we can call it "the living room summit."  

Actually bring Mike Pence too.  I kind of like the way he works.  

If you want to lower taxes....lower them.  

Make the rate 20 per cent.  20 for business.  20 for individuals.  Let me deduct state and local taxes.

That is the way you get people to buy and to invest.Now of course that would require congress to live with a budget.  That would require them to think without benefit of the consequence.  I don't think that will happen either. 

Pontificating is over.

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)


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