The Kid Saves The Day

A lot of us have been questioning whether the next generation can handle what is in front of them or even if they could be as good as previous generations.

Sometimes I think they can’t.Then there are other times you get stories that cross your desk where you say to yourself “maybe we taught em good.”

A nine-year-old Danbury boy is being credited with helping to save the life of his baby sister.  

The incident happened Saturday, when the one-year-old girl was found choking by her mother.  

The nine-year-old boy called 911, and relayed life saving CPR instructions from the dispatcher to his mother.  

The child first told his mom that he knew what to do.Paramedics then arrived a short time later and the child was taken to the hospital, where she is in good condition and improving. 

The kid learned some good lessons.The question is why can’t more kids be like that 9 year old as opposed to the ones who learn how to shoot guns to kill and learn to steal from God knows who.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

Lincoln said that.

That kid in Danbury learned that as well.


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