Tis The Season---But For What?

A nice man had a tough day at the office where nothing went right nor was it on time.  

After surviving the day he needed a break and went into a coffee shop for something.  

While he was in line he spotted a priest he knew and he came over to chat a little bit.

The priest said to the nice man, “haven’t seen you at Mass in awhile.” 

The nice man told the priest that it was tough because it was football season and travel was tough on the body..

“Oh” the priest smiled.  

“You must be getting ready for the hoop season.” he said.

“Yes.” was the reply.

“I will be praying,’ the priest said.

“Thank you father,” the nice man replied.

Before he left to go on his errands, the priest turned to the nice man and said laughing,

 “Should I be praying for you, or the teams you will officiate?”

The nice man smiled and muttered something knowing that the priest at least cared.

He laughed inside and placed his order and relaxed a little bit before going on to the next part of his day.

He knew that someone cared enough to at least ask for divine intervention.

And although we don’t have Kaptain Kangoroo setting the Thanksgiving Table anymore and even though some loved ones won’t be where they should be at the table. It is still time for caring.  It is still time to give thanks for those who care.

And isn’t it that what we are thankful for the most….

That someone cares?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

(Photo by Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)


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