Questions With No Answers And Nobody Knows Why

A poll out suggested that people were concerned about having to talk about politics at the Holiday Dinner Table.

A nice man would have loved for the chance to talk about politics or almost anything else at the dinner table this Thanksgiving.

A nice man, after working hard all week and spending the holiday relaxing and doing what he does, brought the holiday meal to the table.  

This nice man did his thing and sat down and was partaking of the holiday cheer when he learned that a niece and a nephew were getting married probably next year.

“Oh,” the nice man replied.  “How nice.

It is unfortunate, this nice man couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“How old is he?” the nice man asked about the nephew.

“Ahhh, I think 29 or 30,” was the answer.

Well at least they narrowed it down.

“And, is he working?  Where does he work now?

“Oh at (location deleted to protect the nice man)”.

“And, what does he do?”“Don’t know.”

“When is the wedding?”“Don’t know.”

The nice man frustrated by the basic lack of information, thought he would fire an easy one.  Not that at this point that he was at the least bit interested but that perhaps something would be provided for information.”“How did they meet?” the most basic of questions came about.

“How should we know?” was the response.

The same exercise was repeated for the niece that was getting married.  But there were even fewer answers.

So for those of you who have gone through the first of the holidays of the season, understand that you are going to have much frustration ahead of you.

Don’t want to talk about world events or politics?

Going to be quiet at the dinner table.

And, as the nice man found out, silence is the best policy.


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