Open Eyes Required For Shopping

The problem with being pretty well known is that you are pretty well known.  

Many know that when I truly want to relax I go out sweater shopping.  I could shop for sweaters for days and not come back with anything or come back loaded in just an hour.

I was shopping at one particular store...found the three perfect sweaters at the proper size and for not a bad price and strutted confidently to the clerk.

I handed her the merchandise and my credit card and she engaged in the usual conversation I have been accustomed to over the years.   “How is the is this-- how is that?”

She then asked if I wanted a gift receipt and I looked at her and responded that I didn’t since these were for me.

She looked at me...pondered her next remarks and said;

“You do realize these are women’s sweaters?”

I looked at her dumbfounded.  Told her they came from the Men’s Department and she should  check it  out .  I then went off my head bowed but not defeated that I could come out with three great sweaters again. 

I was wrong.

Morale to the story:

Women have it easy when it comes to shopping for almost anything.

Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)


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