Hectic Holidays Are Almost Over

So the holidays are sort of over...and with any luck visitors at my house will be safely at the airport when I return home.   

I never really understood the hoopla of the holiday-- no matter which one it was.  

We make a big deal of it...we visit we laugh and get together and then when all is said and all is done...we forget what it was all about and go about our busy lives and forget about the joy that we all had. 

Think about how many conversations you have with people after the holidays.  It's not that easy.

It all goes down almost like it never happened.Somehow we have to make it different.  

We don't have to make everyday like Christmas, but if we could just make it different, maybe the world would be different.  One day at a time perhaps?

As for this holiday I have learned a very important lesson.Never ask questions.  So everyone is doing their thing and the younger crowd says they are going out to go play "knockerball".  

Looking up from my meal prep I bit my tounge nearly off and then heard myself asking "what is knockerball?" 

 I was told that it is a new sport where you put on this bubble and start ramming people.   

"Cool," I replied thankful I didn't suggest what I thought the sport was all about.In my defense, I taught them about Pickleball.

Yes the holidays are quite different.

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