The Answer Is In The Towel

The Congress has come to terms and the President has signed, in very short order a bill that would allow the government to keep going until February 8th.  

They still have to deal with immigration and spending and they still can't figure out who is to blame.  

But one thing is for certain.  

Congress has revealed itself for the entire world to see.Congress is all about themselves.  

We learn that things moved quite quickly on Capital Hill when lawmakers couldn't park their cars and there were not enough towels in the Congressional Gym.

Your social security payment is tied to Chris Murphy's or Ed Markey's towels in the gym.

I like to look at things simply.  2 and 2 equals 4.  It does not add up to 1 + 1+1+1.  And that is the problem with the whole government shutdown.

Here is the way that this whole this should of played out if it is "The Art of the Deal" and "for the good of the people" that really matter.

Democrats want DACA.  Great.  Everyone here can stay.  We will screen them just to make sure.  But if they are in the system they are good to go.

Republicans want a wall.  Give me the wall and we will talk seriously about everything else.

Instead of what we have are a bunch of millionaire politicians in DC are more interested in who wins the bulk of the deal rather than the deal itself. 

And that is the problem with pols today.Its not about the substance of the matter.  

It is about the winning of the issue.

"Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers. 

Ross Perot said that.

He got it right.  

The cobweb in DC grows denser and denser and one wonders when we see anything to our benefit come out of it.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


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