Animals Versus People: Who Wins?

The animals in the forest have more sense and more decency than most people have (present company excluded).

And, I am not referring to the terrible Worcester story we detailed yesterday.  That is a story unto itself.

I was in my vehicle and off to work and in my neighborhood there are three deer.  We have become familiar with each other.  I assume its mom and children.

The deer come bounding out of backyards and stop abruptly when they see my lights down the road.  Then they either wait at the side of the road or they bound like in two movements across the street to frolic in another backyard..

It's actually kind of therapeutic.

Compare that with going home.

I got in my vehicle   And before I could put the key in the ignition a car from the other side of the street does a “K Turn” like a race car driver because he wants my space.  I did what any other considerate, compassionate person would do.  I took my sweet time getting out of the space.

Going down the street, I found myself stopped at the lights at East Columbus and Boland Way between the hotels.  I stopped at the light along with a tractor trailer and a few other cars.  The light turned green and we all made a dramatic turn of our head before we put our feet on the gas.

Yep.  Here comes a driver.  Unaware that he was running a traffic light again five seconds after it turned red for him.

The tractor trailer driver and I turned and nodded and smiled at each other.

Tell me when was it that the animals in the forest have more common sense then people in the world?

When did it all change?

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