Roads Go To Pot -- Taxes Go To The Heavens Again

So what do you really expect from your political representative?

Anything?If you were around Charlie Baker Monday, you probably saw a bigger than usual smile.  Not because the Pats are in the championship game but because neighboring Connecticut is at it again.They have determined that there is no money to fix roads so they need to go to something that Massachusetts went to about a year ago, Open Road Tolling.

Connecticut has not had tolls in the state for almost 35 years since a tragic fatal accident was the instrument to allow lawmakers to take down all the toll booths.

35 years lawmakers knew they would have an issue at some point that would require an influx of money.  And, no one came up with a funding mechanism.

Now there are some who would suggest that the definition of a politician is “someone who spends money.”  And, in Connecticut they like to do that.

The state is billions of dollars in the red and anytime you talk to someone all they can come up with is raising taxes.

And, spend and spend and spend.

If you or I did that we would be in jail-- spending money that we did not have.

Everytime a politician needs something, they want money to accomplish it.  The money comes from somewhere, but it appears never to be enough.

Yet in Massachusetts, which went through its “Taxachusetts” days, is now luring business and doing so at an alarming rate to the rest of the nation.

How?Fiscal responsibility.  Infrastructure, that while not perfect is appreciated by drivers.  And a taxation system where it appears that most lawmakers now get it.  You will never tax yourself into winning.  You have to bring someone or something in.  

And, you have to nurture them not scare them off.


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