Ten Takes On The World

1- The Memo vindicates the President?  Republicans release their version of the facts and democrats have theirs.  The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.  Quit spinning.  Will the Russia Influence story ever end?

2- Trying to do something nice?  You may have noticed it’s Girl Scout Cookie time.  The girls in the neighborhood are doing what they do.  I want to do what is right and so I told the neighbor girl, here is three boxes worth, give them to someone that really would enjoy them.  She looked at me like I had 9 eyes.  “I don’t need the calories!”  That she understood.

3-  Troopers concerned.  Very privately public safety officials are concerned, I would say scared, over what might happen with recreational pot.  Impaired driving?  No one seems to be concerned.  Not the legislature not anyone.  Except those on the front line.

4-  Read This.   Exactly how does the paperboy (who is actually a woman) get my paper under the trash bin in the driveway?  She must have a better arm than Brady.

5-  Blah- Blah Blah.  If I talked as much as politicians do these days I would have a sore throat.   I'm not sure St Blaze could help.  The more talk there is the less action there is.

6-  Holy Cross Changing.  They have gotten rid of the Crusaders Newspaper because they don’t like the history of the Crusades.  They call it the Spires.  So they change the name of the newspaper but not the name of the football team?  Consistent message?

7-  What is it that you don’t understand?  Fave lunch is a small salad and a bowl of thick onion soup.  Not French Onion.  “I don't want anything French associated with it.” is my shorthand for that.  No bread.  No cheese just soup.  Must find new lunch spot.  They can’t get that one right.

8-  That time of year again.  The Connecticut Governor delivers his last budget message before the General Assembly.  Translation....hold on to your wallets.

9-  Advice to Pols everywhere.  How about you all learn how to answer a question in one sentence.  I would not like to go to the transcript in order to remember what the original question was.

10-  Lower The Rates?  States are now telling utilities to lower rates because they got tax relief from the White House.  State thinks they are doing something good.  Lower the rate now….Raise it later.  How about rebuilding the infrastructure instead.


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