Measure Twice-Cut Once Is The Only Way

I have always been an advocate for the concept of “Think twice, send once.”  There are different versions of that.

The basics are that before you say anything, do anything or even consider anything you should think very hard and often about the effects and response.

How many times have you reconsidered sending a harshly worded email to someone when you thought better of it.Two reasons why you need to put that in your business mind….

Boston Police in trying to honor Black History Month noted that Red Auerbach, the legendary Boston Coach and General Manager who died in 2006 drafted and hired black players and Boston.  

We could accept that general tweet except for one issue...Auerbach you will recall was white.  Boston Police took down the tweet but it did what you might expect it to do.  The NAACP is outraged as is the mayor and they want to change the protocols for such tweets.

I am not sure protocol change is needed.  Maybe an extra moment to consider whether what you are are about to do reflects what you do.

And, of course then there is there was the small error that a television station made in Chicago.  How much trouble can you get in over an Olympic story?  Consider this….

“A Chicago TV station is apologizing for a major error in its Olympics coverage.  Over the weekend, an ABC affiliate ran a graphic promoting P.F. Chang 2018, rather than PyeongChang 2018 where the Winter Olympic Games are actually being held.  The Chinese food restaurant P.F. Chang's replied on Twitter that, "Contrary to this broadcast, we're not hosting the games."   

My guess is that auto correct, that nasty feature we all deal with raised its head.

The bottom matter what you do...think once.

The carpenters figured that out (“measure twice--cut once) so should we.  

(Twitter/Boston Police Department)

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