Do We Need To Make Life Any Simpler?

I have a message to the Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.  

Just because you have all these great toys doesn't mean you have to play with them.

This story hits my desk this morning

."E-ZPass is partnering with a Massachusetts company to create a payment system where their transponder can be used for other purchases.  Verdeva has reached a deal with the 16-state group that operates E-ZPass.  The goal is to create a payment system where people can pay for gas and other goods and services with their transponder.  E-ZPass currently has over 32-million transponders in circulation."


Who among you thinks that things are going to go well when this takes effect?


Just because you have the technology doesn't mean that you have to force it down anyone's throat. 

I have credit cards.  

If I want to buy gas with them I take it out of my wallet.

The transponder on my dashboard isn't the mode of payment I seek.Too much information in too few places is never a good thing.I get it.  

You get it.When do our people on Beacon Hill get it?

(Photo by Don Bartletti/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)


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