Too Many Angels-- Not Enough Answers

The heavens have 17 new angels this morning, helped there by the misguided actions of a 19 year old former student in Florida.

Far too many angels.

Far too many shootings.

All because of the actions of a few people who opt o bestow their will on the innocent.

Too many angels.

The result are body bags of despair for friends, grief for families and a community forced to stop what they are doing on a Valentine's afternoon to give comfort to neighbors and friends.

Too many angels.

We will see the stories today of grieving friends telling what they saw.

Too many angels.

We will see the far too easy calls to stop the bloodshed and the violence and the guns.

Too many angels.

We will see a community mourn the loss of so many bright, innocent people.

We will see stories about how we should stop the violence.

But through it all what is necessary is for everyone to stop putting themselves first.

Stop bestowing their will on those who have no want one way or the other.

We need to live with our hearts and our souls rather than with egos and evil.

Until we use words to make peace and actions to enforce partnership and love...

Until we do that.

Until we think about life being too fragile.

Until we think....

There will be too many angels.

(picture with thanks ANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)


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