Guns. And, The Answer Is?

A lot has been said about the Presidential Proposal to arm some teachers in the classroom in order to keep students safe.

The proposal was either embraced or ridiculed.  Some called it a great idea.  Others say that it is “illogical,”  “insane and crazy.”

I’m not sure that it is the idea to make a difference either to be honest.  But for different reasons.  

When you analyze the idea, it assumes that the bad person is already in the building and when that happens one has to assume that the bloodshed has already begun.

I don’t know what the answer is.  But I do know that illegal guns have to play into this.  Otherwise you have created two issues...keeping schools safe….and then the illegal weapons.  

The President gets “cred” for coming up with something.  But before you blast the idea out of the water for being insane, what are the next ten words?

The answer from the politicians should be…”I don’t like the idea but what we need to do is…”

Then we can have a discussion.

Then we can create a plan.

Then, maybe, just maybe we can save some lives.


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