Seeking An Answer To The Unanswerable

In life and in politics, there are two types of people.

There are those that can win the issue.

Then, there are people that can solve the problem.

Those that talk have little to say.  Those who are acting aren’t talking about what they are planning and the American people are left in the middle.

It is noble to think that words will make a difference, but once again Washington, Governors and everyone else talking isn’t hearing what the real problem is.

Are we safe anywhere?  Is it an absolute?

Are we safe in schools?  In Churches?  In Hospitals?  Or in Malls?

There are a lot of sick people out there in this place we call home.  Politicians are talking about schools but they fail to act on anything.

Where is the outrage over safety on all fronts?

What the politicians, the people on TV and on Radio fail to tell you is that no one has a solution for a societal problem.  Politicians in all states, Massachusetts and Connecticut included run around like they are pulling  the goaltender for the sixth attacker trying to make it look good but we all know it isn’t good enough.

The problems in the world have come down to a few basics.  People being scared of their futures, unknowing what the next story will bring them.  All of them looking for an easy way out because they were brought up thinking that everything was easy.  Computers and the internet you know.

When we understand that violence the way we know it today shouldn’t be accepted but can’t really be solved we will come a long way to finding answers to the unthinkable.

Things will get better.  But we have to understand that the problems of the world today are societal and because they are DC or Boston or Hartford can’t fix them.  It is too late for this generation and probably the next but its not too late.

It is only too late if we quit trying.

And, now we are back to square one.

Are we we winning the issue or solving the problem.

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)


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