Change Is Easier Said Than Done

Let’s be honest.  There isn’t any way that America will ever get along.

 Everyone wants to be right and that in and of itself is the big issue.  

The House of Representatives is one genre and the US Senate is pretty much to the point of non functionality.

And, it is not going to change.  We have been brought up too many times to be beholden not to the way one believes but rather to the party.   Party Rules.  

And since it is party rules, you are a lawmaker and are beholden to the party and then more than ever you want to please the party because they will help you be re-elected.

So how do we stop that trip down the road to nowhere?Let’s look at history.

For the first 125 years of this country, there was no one in the United States of the rank and file citizen that voted for a US Senator.  It was all part of the state legislative process.

History experts,  I had to actually think about this before I could remember, will tell you that it was the 17th amendment allowed for the popular vote of the Senate.  Before that State Lawmakers did.

So, what if we went back to that?

The ability for the state lawmaker to get impacted would be affected.  Will they vote party or will they vote the best for a particular state.  In the General Assembly in Connecticut they are split virtually down the middle.  Who would they vote for?  How would they satisfy the people who voted for them?

Now states like Massachusetts and California would not really be impacted.  They are generally speaking more liberal, more democratic and more likely to toe the line rather than embrace change. 

 Yes Scott Brown tells us that if the stars are aligned than there is a possibility for change.

I don’t have an answer to the malaise that we suffer from in this world.  

But I know it isn’t going to change because it appears most of the nation is to lazy to try.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


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