We Just Learned The Meme Is Not The Proof

I was sitting patiently waiting for my next appointment to come about while I was eavesdropping on a man and woman.  

Actually it was pretty easy to do it since they were sitting next to me and didn't care who was listening.

In that discussion between the man and woman, a man and wife, I learned the following from the man.

President Trump lies.

The media is trying to make or break certain people.

Congress should be left alone to go about its business.

In that same discussion I also learned the following from the woman....

President Trump is saavy.

The Media is only for democrats.

Congress should get off the fence and do something because they are embarrassing themselves.

I also learned that as proof for one of the points, one person held up a meme to the other and said the "proof is right there."  

She said, "Its a meme."

All this lends itself to the realization as to what is wrong with the world today.  

Everyone is so bent on being right, they are missing the point of the issue.

If there is a problem, it needs solving.

That takes an idea not an argument.

Now, who has the idea to end all the arguments?

Isn't it time to have one?

(Photo by Olivier Douliery - Pool/Getty Images)

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