You Barely Have To Show Up To Drive

Have you noticed that life today is a lot like a bad episode of The Jetsons?

For those who were not around in the day that is the space age cartoon that provided a new age look at the future complete with flying cars and maids that were computers that made you dinner and cleaned your house.

The Connecticut Governor this week authorized cities and towns to compete to become a test market for what that state calls Autonomous Automobiles.  Driverless Cars for short. The Governor’s contention is that the technology is there and that the state has to be ready to utilize it.


We have the ability to do a lot of things in this day and age.

I have the ability to go out in between newscasts to get a second extra large black coffee.  But since I don’t feel like bouncing off the walls I don’t.

Thanks to all those piano and guitar lessons I had as a kid, I have the ability to play a very limited number of songs on the keyboard.  Just because I have that ability does not mean that I will suddenly decide to compose a symphony.

We have the ability to do a lot of things in this day and age but the ability to do something and the need and the pragmatic reasonableness to do so are very different.

The Governor wants driverless cars.  He also wants tolls.  Exactly who do you send the bill for the toll to in the case of a driverless car….the driver, driving who isn’t driving?

We have taken life and made it so the average everyday person need not know how to do anything.  All they really need to show up.

They don’t need to think, spell, speak or anything else.  The computer will take care of that.

And taking the human element is very dangerous.  It is a bad episode of back to the future.

So if you don’t want to drive-- take a cab.

If you don’t want to cook-- send out for pizza.

But let’s not make it so life is no longer worth living.

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