It's A Dress: How Could This Be A Problem?

There is a woman  who is just getting blasted on twitter for her alleged cultural appropriation for having the nerve of wearing a traditional Chinese dress to her prom.

It, according to a lot of people is cultural appropriation.  That is taking someone else’s culture for yours.

And, I agree with those that are blasting the teen.  And, since we are all about rules and all about being consistent, we have some work to do.

Since Alexander Graham Bell was Scottish and he invented the phone, we should give up the phone.  That ends robo calls too.

Since Alessandro Volta was Italian and invented the battery, we should give up our wireless mouse, flashlights and anything else with a battery.

Since Bartolemeo Cristofori was also Italian and he invented the piano, we should give back all our CDs.

Pizza was invented by, well a lot of people….depending on which history you read, the Greeks had a version, Roman Jews had theirs...but it wasn’t American.  So we should give that up.

Antonio Carpano invented Vermouth.  An Italian.  Ahhh let’s get rid of those dry martinis.

And, depending upon who you want to believe, either the Greeks, The Chinese or the Italians claim pasta.  I guess those trips to the local Italian joint are done too.

So, can we just all concede something?  Can we all consider that we all are someone….that we came from somewhere and we believe what we believe.

But it is not mutually exclusive.

We can all do and believe and change and agree to disagree.  We can do whatever we wish to do.

And, since we can do that, we can also allow others to do the same.

Can't we?

(Source: Twitter : Keziah )


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