Dog Days For "Dozer" Will Continue

No matter where I go or what I do, someone is going to call me out and I am used to it.“John!  You do a lot of bad news.  When are you going to include a good news story?”

I do understand the underlying issue.  But let’s look at it this way.  There isn’t a whole lot of good going on in the world.So when it does happen, I will include it.  

There were a couple of stories that will make you feel good….well I hope.

On Route 190 in Worcester yesterday State Police got a call that there was a dog running around in the middle of the highway.  

Trooper Nick D’Angelo was working in the area and came by to try to capture the dog after several people stopped to try to bring the dog to safety.  

Now it turns out that the Trooper had a different way of getting this done.  

He quickly went to his cruiser for a snack, deer jerky.  

He wasn’t interested in the protein value for him, but he did use it to lure the dog to him, and Dozer, the dog was brought to safety.  

This is one case is which police tell us it is ok to offer a bribe.

That wasn’t the only good news story.  

In Sturbridge a trucker reported hitting a bird and the bird, which turned out to be an Osprey was still alive.  

Trooper Sergio Figueiredo from the Sturbridge Barracks responded, assisted by Trooper Rob Ryan and Trooper Stephen McDonald.  

They found the osprey, scooped it up in a blanket and took it to the Tufts Vet Clinic.  

Osprey had its wing pinned and is apparently doing well.

Two stories involving state police and two stories with happy endings that could have ended so much differently.  

So when you look at the cop on the street or the trooper at a job site, remember one thing, he really is trying to do a job, protecting people and animals from all the bad things that happen or could happen around them.

(Pictures with thanks to Massachusetts State Police)

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