Success Possible At Singapore Summit?

So the President and the White House is all in Singapore to deal with the North Korea talks.  The President has called this an “great opportunity while will conclude with great things for both North Korea, The US and the world.”

That is all possible of course if international negotiations were based on nine innings or three periods. 

You have to sit at the table and look at the other person in the eye and decide if what you are hearing is what the other side means.

You can’t pull the goaltender in favor if the sixth attacker.  And, although both sides after the Singapore Summit will say that the talks were fruitful and a good first step, there won’t be any noticeable change in the way things will go.

It took years before we knew whether the Russian Summit with President Reagan worked or not.

The secret in all negotiations is pretty simple.  The guy who doesn’t care is always in control.  The guy who you want to do something is always in power because that person only has to say no.

How The President gets to the point where he is comfortable with offering the North Koreans something to back off nuclear weapons has, no doubt already been decided.  Putting the encouragement on the table and what that encouragement is will be the thing that moves us closer to peace or to a stalemate.

The North Korean leader wants to remain in power.  He will do what he has to do to remain that way.  He also wants the world stage of legitimacy.  The main question that faces the world is whether the North Korean leader will do or say what The US President wants to hear or will he say it and mean it.

We won’t know that for a long time despite what the diplomats and everyone else will tell you.

They don’t wheel out the Stanley Cup in order to decide who wins.

The World will just know it won.

(Photo by Korea Summit Press Pool/Getty Images)

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