There is No Comma After "Yes"

I was talking with someone over breakfast the other day and that person had a real dilemma.  Or so they thought.  They were trying to figure out if they were going to go across the country for some event and didn’t know if they wanted to do.

“Answer this question in one word,” I said.

“Do you really want to go”?

Yes was the answer.  “Yes, but….”

I stopped this person and replied in a beautifully formed and succinct headline….

“There are no commas after yes.”

And, that is the problem with the world today.

If we aren’t trying to be noticed as part of the Washington Press Corps, we are eager to please other people and then we try to either make excuses or cover our bases.

Yes is a definitive.

“Yes but…”  although I am sure you can diagram it…(those under the age of 50 will have to google that to determine what that means) but it is an absolute.Yes.  I am going to work.

Yes, I am going to lunch.

Yes, I am going to …….

We can do a lot in this world if we just answer the question at hand and follow through.

If it is yes be proud.

If the answer is no….don’t make excuses.

Nike proclaims, Just Do It.   They don’t say Just Do It But….

And that is the problem from politics all the way up and down the line.

No one wants to make a decision.

Just say “yes”.

Forget the comma.


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