Judges And Justice

The two most prominent issues of the last several days are the Supreme Court decision from the President Monday and whether judges will adhere to more stringent bail requirements.

Listen to the arguments for and against on each issue and get ready to scratch your head.

People are analyzing the four  candidates for the US Supreme Court “based on their own cause”.  

They wonder whether the candidates who aren’t their choices will pose any threat “to their cause”.

What we should be wondering if the President’s choice will pose any threat to the constitution as it is written, rather than any personalized won loss statement that they claim egotistically claim victory with.

That’s all this world is about.  It is not about living without being bothered.

Doing without being fought with by someone or something that does not agree with what you are doing.

That’s not what was intended.  Nor is that what it should be.

That’s not the only thing going on here.  Closer to home, the Springfield, Massachusetts Mayor is up in arms over judges that he believes are too lenient on repeat criminals going through the system.

An exasperated Springfield Mayor repeats his displeasure.  He repeats his frustration by simply expressing, “what the hell.”

The Mayor is completely frustrated.

The Mayor blames the judges.  I see where he might but I also might take my angst to the people who can fix the issue.  It is a simple fix but one that may be complicated based on the players.

Instead of blasting the people working the trenches of the legal system, the Mayor should also consider turning to the Legislative Delegation for change. 

There are enough lawyers in the delegation to make this a simple fix.  They need to take the cause to the legislature and demand change.

There is a Republican Governor who touts law and order that can get this done.

And, there is a Speaker of the House and a Senate President that minimally can begin to fix the problem.  

In order to fix it, you have to begin a discussion and it can’t be led from Springfield it unfortunately has to be led from the other end of the state.

Until that is done, nothing will change.

Socrates put it a different way…

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Time to start hammering.


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