Crossroads: Which Way Do We Turn?

We are in this country at a crossroads.

A lot of people  pointing to the absolute opposites that Republicans and Democrats are at and suggest that is the crossroads.

However, we are at a different crossroads in this country.One that is far more important than what Don Trump or Vlad Putin are detouring around.

We have done a splendid job in this country to absolutely refuse to allow anyone to have their say.  

We have gone out of our way to insure that when someone speaks ---someone else would be appalled or disgusted or angered by what they say.  Doesn’t matter what the subject is---someone will be upset.

If someone asks a question, they are asking not to find out how the other person feels but to talk about how aggrieved they are about something.  It is all about them.

And since we don’t care about the small and easy task of communicating and listening -- how the hell are we going to get the tough stuff done?

We have gone from taking the  sum of the parts to create a whole to simply just have a bunch of parts.

We have worked to perfection the art of the lip sync without mastering the ability for the lips to remain closed long enough for people to listen and to comprehend.   

Maybe if we did that we wouldn’t have the rest of the issues.

Alfred Brendel the famed cinematic director had it right.

“The word SILENT has the same letters as the word LISTEN.”

As a country before we go much further we damn well better be able to get do both.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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