An Idea. Is It Worth A Try?

I have heard more than one school superintendent in the area field rather benign questions about the start of the school year.

Parents wondering aloud, "do we start school too early?"  

Shouldn't we go back to school after Labor Day like the way we did it in the old days?

Springfield and Worcester went back to school this week.  

Agawam will be among the last schools in the state to go back next week.

And, so the yearly debate goes on.  

When is the best time for kids to go back to school?

OK.  My two cents.

How about we work on a plan with teachers and parents and yes even kids that set the framework in motion for a year round school year?

Before you laugh and before teachers call or write, I get all the arguments.I, too am just thinking out loud.

Most people go to work and make a living, get time off so they can get sick, get a holiday off and also get two weeks off.

So what if we said to kids, you will be better off if you go to school year round?I will even chip in with allowing kids to take every state and federal holiday off.

The student can have a week off every six weeks.Look at it this week, it could even be better for the parent.  

It would be better for poor kids who often times go hungry during the summer.It would better prepare the kid for the workforce.

And, it would perhaps give the controller on the video game they play constantly time to cool off.

I know there is no politician on the face of the planet that would suggest that, but I will.

Just suggesting.


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