Voting Day. Do You Care?

Massachusetts voters will go to the polls today in an effort to whittle down the races for elected office. 

Most of the races have one thing in common.  

No one cares about them, will care or could care any less about them.

And that is sad.

Of course Massachusetts doesn’t help itself any.  Since it does not want to get in the way of Jewish holidays it really only had one way to go and that is September 4th.  Yes the day after Labor Day.  The day before the few remaining kids who haven’t gone to school, will actual lace up their shoes and go to school.

And, the candidates don’t get a pass on this either. 

Can someone explain to me how a sitting Governor of a major player state, ignores his political opponent?

Yet before incumbents become incumbents they go out of their way to clamour for debates and attention.

In football terms, all those in political office are running dive plays into the middle of the line trying to run out the clock, knowing they have the lead and don’t want to fumble.

But instead what we have in this primary season is a game that no one is watching, few are playing and people have little interest in who is in first place at the end of the season.

For the voters it is unfortunate.  But you have the power.  Do your research.  Figure out whether what the candidate is saying is what you can deal with and take it from there,

And maybe, just maybe I will be able to find a candidate tonight to somehow think out of the box and propose that for these primaries, instead of getting in the way of holidays, why don’t we just go to weekend voting?

Won’t that be the answer?

(Photo credit:  BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)


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