Dear Mr Politician: You Are Missing An Opportunity

An Open Letter to the Generic Politician running for whatever Generic Position in a state:

I have listened with great interest in your comments recently and must take time to comment on your lack of interest in me the voter.

I understand that you have a long, long career in politics and business and (insert job here) and that you have a wealth of knowledge and ideas that you think will benefit us as a state and a society.

How about one or two of them?

We have gone from a nation of ideas to a nation of bumper stickers with cute nameplates that may be based on reality or not.

Gone are the days when two men (or women) sat down and exchanged ideas and a person cast a vote based on the idea.

Instead we have reduced our political campaigns to the color of a tie or to avoid any thought that a real question would get a real answer or even acknowledging that there may be a race for a political office.

In the name of societal integrity in the election the hope that we can for at least one election cycle change the dirth of lackluster the hope that we may change the political game for the good not for the "even worse" than it is now....I am begging you...bring an idea to the table....tell me how it is going to much it is going to cost and in the end how I will know that it has worked.

If you do that, I bet you get more votes than the other guy and that guy will be wondering what he did wrong.And, in the end--- the voter won't be thinking what he or she did wrong but what you did right for your electorate in your race for (insert elected position here.

Very truly yours,

A generic voter who may or may not be voting for you in your race for your (insert elected office here).

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