Voter Apathy Isn't The Voter's Fault

Does it boggle your mind at all that the election, as of this writing is 35 days away and it appears that it is a surprise to no one except the people running for office.

The lack of energy in major statewide races in Massachusetts and Connecticut  is a bit disheartening.  We have pretty smart people that want your vote and it appears that they want to run in a vacuum.

Back in the day,  politicians and their representatives would chase you down in an effort to get their candidate’s views out there. 

Now it is the new playbook. 

If you are an incumbent you are looking to play out the clock because in many states once you win an office it is yours unless you goof up really bad.  Don’t say anything to stir the pot.

I’m not saying bad people are running for office, I am just saying if you are undecided, or a new voter, do you have the information you need from a candidate running for whatever office?

Do you have an idea that you can relate to?

Do you have a concept advanced by the candidate that you can embrace?

Or is it follow the party follow the leader?

It never used to be that way.

People tried to learn positions and seek out information.

Now we are forced to somehow make it through debates devoid of any real concept for success.

It never used to be that way.But it is now. 

And since it is, we get what we want.

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

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