The 2018 Vote---Time For Pols To Hear From You

There are many problems with the world about tops among them is that we as a people are devoid of the ability to have a thought that is our own...or in the alternative to have an idea of our own.

One thing is apparent.  We know that we make a mistake when we surrender to what the masses think.  That’s why the consultants and the pollsters run around making excuses when their advice or their polls are wrong.  That’s when they will always declare. “Oh but we were in the margin of error.”  Translation….We were wrong.

Are you someone who votes democrat because that’s what you and your parents did?

Are you someone who votes  Republican because that is what you always did?Are you someone -- part of a union who votes one way because you are told the way to do things?

Are you someone who accepts a person’s views without questioning how you feel?

If you said yes to any of the questions above what we have is a failure to communicate with ourselves.  

We have given up the ability to make a decision for ourselves.  Instead relying on tradition, rather than the reality of a situation.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same” is the age old expression.

One look at what is going on in the world is proof positive that that is correct.





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