Pols Short Term Answers A Problem For All

It is surprising how the easy questions in a political debate often times gum up the works and leaves one wondering.

During this week’s Connecticut Gubernatorial debate the candidates were asked what the plan was for creating job development in the state’s poor inner cities.

The answers were all basically “bringing jobs and cutting taxes”.   One wonders if the candidates have looked at regional history.

The simplest and most direct way to create long term stability is starting from scratch.

Many inner cities in Connecticut and other states in the nation are befuddled by low tax bases caused by businesses running out of town because taxes are so high.

The cities and towns have little money to spend...services dwindle and even more people leave creating mere shells of what the city was when times were better.

President Clinton though had it right.

The Cops Program he devised when he was President provided cops for cities and towns and a declining portion of federal help in order to keep the cops on the payroll.  Eventually they would be totally controlled by the city.  Springfield, under the Albano Administration took advantage of the program.

Clinton, for all his perceived issues understood the basic needs of an inner city.

If you make the city an absolutely safe and solid place to be, people will come.

People will want to live there.  People will bring jobs.  Tax revenues will be created.  Schools will be built.  Kids will be taught.  Families will flourish.

All one has to do is look at the city of Springfield to show the world that it is so.  There are still issues that may need further attention but the basics are there.

It has the casino, part and parcel because the perception is that the south end of the city is safe. People live and work there.

The Connecticut candidates provide a too sterile answer to what a deep problem that state has.  

Politicians often look to the short term and then are surprised that they can’t come up with a longer term answer.  It's not sexy but it proves to make for better conditions.

Someone once said, “build it and they will come.

If you build around a safe city with a police presence than that is the building block to the rest of the political answers.

It works.  I have seen what public safety means to a community and to a state.

Until that happens, we will continue to hear politicians bicker about the best way to try to create miracles from nothing.

And in the end come up with nothing for it.


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