Counting The Confusion

Can someone explain to me please, anyone will do, why we are a week, to the day after the mid term elections and we are still counting ballots?

I thought we had this voting thing down pretty good.I mean we have only been doing it for what 200 years or so?

Yet in this day and age of electronics, high speed internet, 300 television stations to chose from on a cable package, we are still counting ballots.

We still in many parts of the country get pieces of paper with oddly worded questions and expect to be able to figure it all out.

How is it that in the most technologically advanced countries in the galaxy, that we can't figure out how to efficiently vote.We had the way.  

We had the machines. 

Pull the lever.  

Flip down the little slots.  

It was almost like going to the casino.But those machines broke down and we decided that a piece of paper was better.How has that gone for you?

We have wet ballots in Connectiut.

We have hanging chads in Florida.  

We have a big mess in Florida.

My suggestion is, rather than us all having to hear the same stories every two years that someone create the machine in as cost effective way so that all legal votes count.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)


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