Defining Historic Times

I am having a problem this morning.

Until it is almost nauseating people have described recreational pot being sold in Massachusetts as historic.

The Northampton Mayor says he will make the first purchase, probably a pot infused candy bar in which he will frame.  A symbolic purchase is what he called it.

It might be an attention getter inside his Northampton office, but is the meer fact that Massachusetts is selling recreational pot a historic event?

Man on the moon.

A cure for polio?  The Jarvik heart transplant?

A president being elected.

Historic events.

Is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts creating history?

Understand that it is all about the money.

How many times have lawmakers or proponents of pot talked about tax revenues generated?

How many times do government officials talk about the money?

It’s all about “revenue enhancements” a benign term for tax increase.

It’s all about economic development.

It’s all about everything about what it is.

It’s all about  the money,

And there is nothing historic about that.

(Photo credit  PEDRO PARDO/AFP/Getty Images)


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