Rocky Has The Answers For DC--For All

Full disclosure.

I have always adored the Rocky Series and Stallone is pretty amazing considering what he was born with.  He played out the American dream on the big screen.  Had an idea.  Believed in it and took a chance to make a dream come true.   And, so Rocky was born and still lives.

Went to see Creed II this weekend.  And, there is a scene indicative of what the real problems are facing this nation today.

In it, Adonis Creed wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him and he doesn’t really know how to do it.  He is confused and asks Rocky for help.

Rocky says simply, “ if people spoke from the heart as opposed to the brain,” (the world would be a better place).  It's close to being accurate ---who brings pencil and paper to watch a movie.

And, there it is.  There right there.

Stallone said in a sentence what the real problems in the world are.  Everyone thinks they know and are all trying to come up with the answer to benefit the world.  But all they are doing is speaking words.

They aren’t speaking from the heart.

Republicans know better than Democrats.

Democrats know better than Republicans.

And the rest of the nation is left wondering when someone is going to speak from their heart and do what is best for all of us.

 (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)


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