A Rare Smile Because Of A Child's Dollar Bill

The dichotomy of this time of year can be staggering.

For all the bad that is in any one news cycle, the war, the suffering, the strife, we seek something to change our mood.

I was running through a store and made my usual contribution to the Red Kettle outside of the facility, when a young child came up to the kettle and looked up with a crumpled up dollar bill in her hand.

The nice gentleman, ringing the bell and manning the post looked down and smiled and saw the young girl struggle to reach up put her money in.

“Need some help?” the man asked as he unhooked the kettle from the chains and brought it down to her level.

She smiled and slid her dollar in the bucket.

He said “thank you” and she smiled broadly with a drawn out “thhhank youuuu.”

“Happy Holidays” was the response from him.

“Merry Christmas” from her. 

Life moved on and in the general scope of things that one event didn’t make a darn bit of difference.   Neither will remember the events years from now.

But compare that to the other stuff in the world today and ask yourself what makes you feel better?

Does it give you a little bit of hope for the future?

(Picture with thanks The Salvation Army)


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