Hero: A Title Accepted, But Never Sought

What is it about the month of December that makes it such a dangerous time for our public safety officials?

Why is it that a day, a week, a month can be so absolutely boring and then turn around on a dime and be so dangerous?  So gut wrenching.  So draining.

Worcester Firefighter Christopher Roy was part of the crew that was fighting a five alarm fire this weekend.  He was doing a job that very few people would even consider doing.  He was insuring that a Lowell Street building had no one trapped inside.  That’s when he and another firefighter became trapped.  Roy and another firefighter were rescued and taken to the hospital.  One man made it.  The other didn’t.

Christopher Roy, a 36 year old father of a nine year old daughter did not set out to become a hero.  He did not seek notoriety.  He just wanted to do a job and do some good for the people of Worcester.

You don’t set out to become a hero.   You just are.

Likewise, for Jon Davies back in 2011 in that same city of Worcester.  He was looking for a reported victim in an Arlington Street fire when the building collapsed on top of him.  There was no victim.

He didn’t set out to become a hero either.

Thomas Spencer, Paul Brotherton,  Timothy Jackson, Jeremiah Lucey, James Lyons and Joseph McGuirk did not seek notoriety.   They did not set out to become a hero. 

They died in a warehouse fire almost 20 years ago now.

In Holyoke, Police officer John DiNapoli was volunteering for a detail when he was shot at ten times while sitting in his car.  He died three days before Christmas.

He too did not seek fame.  He did not become a cop in order to do anything but keep the city he worked in safe for his neighbors.

We know not our time.  We know not how we will leave.  Only that time will take its toll.

We know not where our heroes will come from.

We know not when they will come.

We only know that they will be there.

We only know that we rely on people that we don’t know, to do a job that even fewer people would want to do and they do it without prompting.

We don’t know where are heroes will come from.

And, like firefighter Christopher Roy or Officer John DiNapoli, they will be there when danger exists and times are dire.

And we thank them all who have and all who will for their service.

(Photo Credit:  Worcester Fire Department)


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