Trump Romney Battle For Nomination Won't Happen

A lot of people have been trying to figure out the last 24 hours when it comes to Mitt Romney.  The answer is actually pretty simple.  He wants to be the President of the United States.  And he is trying to portray himself as the guy who is a free and independent thinker.

That’s why he both blasted the President while also praising some of his policies.

The problem here is that history tells us that almost without exception a political party does not turn their backs on the incumbent.  So, it from the get go a long shot if Mitt Romney is thinking the GOP will say no to the standard bearer and go another way,

Mitt probably learned a lot from his failed bid against Barack Obama. He didn’t start speaking directly to voters until it was to late...and his early message was at best highly filtered as to not mean much to anyone.

Romney however even within the Washington Post Op Ed piece understands what a mess the GOP is in.  He says he likes some of the policies, dislikes others, but all in all when push comes to shove he plans to allign himself with the Senate leadership.  That leadership for now is firmly behind the President.

The President for his part wonders aloud if the Utah Republican is just another “Flake:,  That is a reference to the outgoing Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. 

While the President wishes the new Utah Senator would deal with border security others around the President say that since Romney failed at an effort he is looking for a second bite at the apple and is “jealous.”  

For his part Romney on CNN was asked point blank whether he would run against President Trump for the nomination.  He very directly responded “No”.

How this all ends up is anyone’s guess.

Two years?

Whatever it takes I guess.

(Photo Credit:  George Frey/Getty Images)


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