Party Over Politeness --- Winning At Any Cost

Can someone explain to me when it became ok in society not to be nice?

It never was that way.

How many of us remember growing up and being invited to the old grammar school birthday party and the traditional declaration from our parents.

“Be polite.  Say please and thank you.  And don’t eat like a pig.  Say you like whatever it is even if you don’t.”

That was the basic working orders for parties I got.  And so did others.

But those days are over.

Now getting someone to acknowledge a good deed is beyond comprehension.

Instead of “hi how are you.”

It’s “hey man --how you doing dude.”  Or “how are you buddy.”

It’s a shorthand that was never accepted.  It is also irritating.

Now it is and it is the reason why no one does anything nice for anyone.

Respect is out the door.

We don’t do anything nice for someone just because it is the right thing to do, instead we opt to use the person as a stepping stone to make a point that will make us look good or will make us look bigger than we actually are.

Instead of yelling at each other about walls and budgets and whatever else, what we should be doing first  is being nice, respecting one another and doing something because it is right not because it provides some kind of win.

Einstein said, “two things are infinite...the universe and human stupidity and I don’t know about the universe.”

That we waste a life being mean, or uncaring or disrespectful isn’t a life it is an existence.  One that is a lost opportunity.

How many lost opportunities do you see in a day?


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