The Food We Eat--The Air We Breathe? Tax It?

Sometimes it is amazing as to how lawmakers of any state react.

Somehow it is bred into them that once they are elected to office, common sense ceases to be part of reality.

While everyone is trying to find ways to make ends meet at home, state lawmakers don't have any worries.

Want to do a project?  Don't have any money for it?  Raise taxes.  

And they often times do that in so many creative ways.

That's why when a Governor's Commission out of Connecticut came out with an idea to raise a lot of money people's heads were spinning.This commission of the new governor suggests that perhaps it is time to tax groceries and pharmaceuticals.

They can come up with that because you know we tax everything else, water, gas.  Everything but air.

Now between Connecticut and Massachusetts when it comes to taxes there is rarely an idea that doesn't go unnoticed. 

If Connecticut wants to tax groceries--how long will it take Massachusetts to do the same.

Or wow.  How about that.  Instead of devoting your time and energy to the easy way out of governing by raising about doing what we do at home and cut ---and cut and cut some more until it hurts.

The problem with any elected person, no matter the state or the position is that the money they deal with isn't real. 

It is simply a bunch of numbers on the page.  

And, since it is --it comes without emotion or care.For the single parent at home.For the elderly couple.

For the just married couple just starting out, it is all about the emotions of keeping a family together while providing the best they can.It is unfortunate that lawmakers can't figure out that part.  

If they did, they would find away to not tax the air we breathe and the words we speak.

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)


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