The Real Issue That No One Cares Enough About To Solve

It is clearly the biggest problem facing America today. It frustrates the world and no one really cares because they would rather tell us how good the country is doing or how bad the country is and the hell with the rest of us.

It is an issue that both the national and state lawmakers share equal blame for their ineptitude.

How many times have you been home, having dinner-- watching TV or taking some time for yourself after a busy day and there goes the phone.

The caller ID tells the whole story. The caller is a number you have never seen before---

Virginia. Washington, DC. Someplace in California. Someplace in New York, Rhode Island, Maine or some place in Massachusetts that you have never been and never want to go.

Its someone wanting you to make a donation or trying to scam you into something. And frankly it is a waste of time---the robo-callers and mine and I am sick of it all...the inconvenience---dropping everything to race to the phone to hear the silence and then the kick in of the audio.

And there is no one in Washington or Boston or Hartford or anywhere else that care to try to stop the problem.

What they do want is to find a way to run for a higher tell me stuff I don’t want to know or to pass laws that I have no care or concern about.

But those are the guys we send to office.

The other side is wrong and they are right and those of us who only want to be left alone and to live our lives in peace have to suffer because of it.

So what is the solution?

(Photo credit SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)



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