When The Rights Of A Few Matter More Than The Rights Of A City

Ooooops There it is!! As the song says.

When the State Democratic Party said they would come to Springfield for a convention later this year, they liked that idea. Go to the Mass Mutual Center….hang out at the Casino. Hey it would be a grand old time.

But was not ok is for the sitting Mayor to have his own mind...his own thoughts and his own brain and do what he thought was right for the city.

Dom Sarno in a Statewide Race for Governor had the audacity to endorse Charlie Baker for re-election. The whole state knew that he would win. That didn’t bother democrats. What bothered them is the mayor of the third largest city had the nerve to endorse him.

They couldn't have that. So they won’t have him speak at convention. It didn’t bother democrats many years ago to have a convention in Springfield with public safety officials were battling for a new contract under then Mayor Mary Hurley decades ago. They protested and that didn’t bother anyone. But a few words apparently do.

Dom Sarno basically said that’s ok. He did what was right for the city. The Baker Administration did a lot for Springfield so the Mayor endorsed the Governor. Sarno says having the weekend off will allow him to have more time with his family and at important neighborhood events. Maybe his lovely wife Carla will cook something special that night.

If the Mayor doesn’t have anything to do we can go over to play bocce with Rico Daniele instead.

All this is another reason why most people couldn’t care less about politics. 

Politicians once again put their party achievement over the personal views of one of its own.

And, the Springfield Mayor called them on it.

And, the Mayor...the city and the Mayor’s family all win because of it.


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