What We Can Learn From "No" May Make A World Of "Yes"

Have you noticed that the first word out of anyone's mouth these days is "no."

And, it isn't even a "no thank-you" or "I'm sorry, no". Its a proud No!

I must confess that it comes out of my mouth frequently in the course of a day. However, I take it one step further than most people do.

My belief is that "no" is not the definitive as a lot of people think it is.

As many times as I say no to something, a project, a request, I often follow it up with "yes" or "sure I can do that for you now."

If you say no to a person---the person you are talking to will never count on you doing it. So when you at the last moment sincerely reconsider you give that person hope that they will be able to do what they have asked.

It's not manipulation. In my case its time that I suddenly have or something I can fulfill at the last moment.

Now that's me.

However, in Congress they have made "no" an art form. It's not a simple "no" it is a resounding NOOOOOOO.

And, there is no hope that there would be any reconsideration that would bring anyone close to a true compromise on any issue there.

In my world "No" is just an incentive to making you work harder in order for the answer to be yes.

Wouldn't it be nice if our friends in Washington would use the power of the word "no" to make yes a reality and a way of life?


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