Personal Foul? Lawmakers Decide Future Of Youth Football.

Two lawmakers Brad Jones and Paul Schmid are proposing that tackle football for kids grade seven and lower be banned and if you get caught playing then the program could get a fine of up to 10 thousand dollars. The concern is that the kids are unprepared for the hitting of the game.

I can understand the angst that a parent has when seeing a son hurt on a field. Lord knows I have been my share of injuries at all levels of ball and seen my share of concussions and worst.

However for the Massachusetts State Legislature to take time out of to even consider dealing with this issue borders on the laughable.

It assumes that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts knows better than a parent. It basically says “Mom and Dad, you don’t know about this stuff.”

And the Massachusetts Legislature does?

Can you guys find something better to do?

Look this isn’t a battle over whether the sport is safe. On the contrary, Football coached and performed mechanically sound and responsibly is safe. Do accidents happen --yes.     Can you make it as safe as reading a book? Probably not.

If parents don’t want their kids to play football ---I can deal with that. Football is not for everyone. Sometimes it's better for the kid to play chess.

But for state lawmakers to try to tell me or a parent or anyone else what to do that should be handled in the home---that is so far out of bounds….it is the ultimate personal foul.

Lincoln, if my history classes can be accurately remembered, once said, “Government should only do what the person can’t do better themselves.” It probably isn’t spot on but it is close.

Parents know their kids. Kids and parents need to speak honestly about the trials and tribulations. To suggest that a sitting legislature knows better than mom or dad about anything is both presumptuous and dangerous.

We salute lawmakers who want to debate the issue as wanting to protect kids but it is not their battle to fight.


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