Parents And Students Upset Over College Admission Scandal

We want the best for our kids.

Parents working hard to get the best of the best for their kids.

The best tutors. The best clothes. The best college.

Parents would do anything for their kids.

The average parent, if there is such a thing these days as "average" would stop short of illegal activity.

But, according to a federal indictment some mega rich and mega famous parents paid bribes to get their kids in great schools.

We would do anything for kids---but when is it enough? When is it too much?

When is giving everything actually giving nothing?

Won't the student learn more from losing a spot and wanting to work harder than being given everything?

And, what about the kids who lost spots because of something they didn't do.

Sometimes big money is a big mistake.

And, some have found that out the hard way.

For the rest of us we just shake our head and wonder.

(Picture Provided by: FBI Boston)


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