Politicians Treating Politics Like A Cartoon

People of a certain age will remember the old “Peanuts” specials where everyone was playing football and Charlie Brown was going to kick a field goal and his holder Lucy would always take the ball away and Charlie would be on his backside.

Still funny after all these years.

However what is not so funny is the same old politicians giving us information that we already have.

All the politicians say the same thing.

“The next election is important”. “The next election has consequences.” ‘The next election is the most important of our time.”

And there you have the problem.

If all we hear from politicians is how important the elections are then in the absence of real demonstrative ideas for the future and how you are going to do it what we have is the real life cartoon of the holder holds the ball, only to take it away and have the kicker wind up on his butt.

Once again we see our politicians unable to think out of the box….unable to think about the future….unable to communicate a specific point.

And once again instead of an election ---

We have a cartoon.

And unlike Charlie and Lucy, this cartoon isn’t all that funny.

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)


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